13 sep 2017

5th kam-network meeting at KHS GmbH in Bad Kreuznach, June 2017

Leading B2B companies this time got together at the premises of KHS GmbH in Bad Kreuznach, for the 5th kam-network meeting.

Again an intensive exchange of experiences and know how took place, this time around the topic of "Key Account Management and Digitalization/Industry 4.0".

The introductory speeches from C. Weidl, Open Space, Berlin and Dr. Peter Stelter, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Technology Management, KHS GmbH, showed in an impressive way that the digital transformation will not only provide great amounts of potentially useful data (i.e. through applications such as „condition based monitoring“ and „predictive maintenance“), but will also be extremely disruptive, leading in many industries to a transformation of business models. The speakers agreed that companies that do not embrace this change today, will lose ground against more agile competitors.

Also during the following workshops it became clear, that the digital transformation will actually strengthen the role of Key Account Management as an initiator and builder of strategic partnerships, but that this will come along with an increased complexity in the future: In order to create a competitive advantage, the Key Account Manager and his team will not only need to manage the customer himself, but the whole ecosystem into which he is embedded. If the KAM is supposed to fulfill his role, he or she needs to be freed largely from operational tasks in order to spend a maximum of time developing a deep and holistic understanding of the customer and the changes and challenges he is facing. This understanding will be the prerequisite for developing innovative concepts together with the customer and often other partners.

Besides the main topic „KAM and the Digitization/Industry 4.0“, the three established work groups of the kam-network reported on the progress of their work. As an example, the five companies of the work group “ROI in KAM” have started surveying their top customers in order to better understand the type and quality of positioning they currently have. The results of these surveys shall give important hints & new ideas for improving their KAMorganizations in the coming years. The survey is being conducted by mp consulting GbR, Berlin, that actively supports this “best practice” project with its knowhow and resources. During these two days the participants got the opportunity to also get an insight into how the production and assembly philosophy of the world’s leader for high-performance bottling lines looks like.

This again very informative and fun meeting ended with the participants voting to establish a formal association – kamnetzwerk e.V. - to give the network a long-term organizational structure. Representatives from B.Braun, Carl Zeiss, Loeschpack and mp consulting were voted as Members of the Board.

If you desire to learn more about the activities of the kam-network or if you are interested in becoming a member of the „kamnetzwerk e.V.” please do not hesitate to contact Anna Westerberg under